My life

Heal your wounded heart...and forgive them all...start new you

Heal your wounded heart.... forgive everyone....set yourself free

Live new you. Today you wake up as new person, yesterday does not matter, only our love matters and this present moment. 
Our trauma formed us to be soft hearted. To be us, to understand and feel life different. Use this change for the best. For yourself and for the world around you.

Today I will do noble things and I will be greatfulĺ for every moment and do things with excitement and big warm love.

I will open my heart a little bit more and will start to create things that I love.

I will give myself the greatest present. Forgiveness. Forgiveness for my bad decisions, for screwed up projects, for things that I feel sorry for. The guilt blockes our present moment. I will not feel guilt or fear or self doubt, because I'm forgiving others and also myself. I will start today as new person with more love for others and also for me. I will give myself new beautiful chance, new amazing life with beautiful ideas and I will create the life that is for me. I will never copy someone elses life, because my needs and views are different. And unique.

I'm thankfull for the blessing of a new day and I will not worry. I'll use this moment to create beautiful things. I will find productivity to start creating things I love. 

My heart has been wounded in so many different ways, but I'm thankfull for shaping my heart the way it is now. Stronger but feels more. Braver but empathetic. 

There is no rush, no hurry, things will unfold just well if we do the right work that is unique for us. 

        I have been very creative person, but I have replaced the creativity for work. And than felt like not having time at all. But I realized that all still in me. Its there waiting for the right moment. And creativity brings us joy. 
       Our heart has been wounded to learn how to forgive difficult things. How to wish well everyone even those who hurt us. Even us, because we hurt ourselves too. For having wrong expectations. For love that has been stored inside of us insted of given. Because all learn to love day by day more and more. And we often forget about ourselves. We must give ourselves at least the same love we are giving to others. Not a selfish love, but real.

When someone hurt us with their words it hurts us. But what is even worse is if we start to believe their fake oppinion about us. We must not feel self doubt. The person who wants to put us down is very wounded and he doesn't care about hurting others. Its not about us.

But we musn't be all the time with negative people even though we are strong. It would take away our inspiration, our creativity, our productivity and joy. We still can love those people, but keep distance and respect yourself. 

When we are alone in a place where we feel calm, we feel in controll of our lives and have time to think about many beautiful ideas and slowly put them up to live. Everyone who has ever lived is this world is unique and has unique and genius gifts. Please find them inside of yourself and use them for others. Develop them slowly and be master in these areas. Educate yourself in this area and find inspiring people that gives you hope and the right guidance. Do not ever say that you don't have them, But always be greatful for your gifts. Then you really feel the joy and your heart will         feel deep gratitude and joy. 

And this is the most beautiful journey. Lets start today...... 


Are you alone? 

Yes, it´s possible to find happines besides that.

Being so much alone is very scary feeling.  I know it well. But after a while you can work with it and besides all those feelings that make you sad you can find it comfortable and even satisfying.

It requires work and courage.  You must find it in yourself and that might be a long journey.  We want to feel protected, that someone will take care of all our problems and stress and than we will feel very well and we also make other people happy.  Yes,  but this doesn´t work for everyone.  Because many times noone will come to do this. Or maybe we lost someone which is even more hurtfull feeling. And then when we find the strength inside of us we can go forward into this uneasy life step by step.  And those steps are very hard, sometimes you can feel you happy you just standing or that your steps are so so tiny.  

But  when we go forward on this journey that require much sacrifice many times,  the things will get better, and then you will start enjoying your little succes and also you can find beauty in many new things.  I know that well.  In our journey we must imrove all the time.  I mean not only our work success, but also to work on our growth in many ways.  In our personality, in our good intentions always, on our love, our motivation, our wisdom, our strength mental and physical and even we are alone we cannot give up on that.  Because that noone sees it, it´s not the reason to quit. Because we cannot serve to those we loved, we must still find love for others withought bitterness,  with calm and loving hearts.  Those people who managed these situations, which is for sure very long term process, or those people who are really focusing to move on and keep on going with peace are the people that deserve to be admired the most.  They are an exa,mple for all of us and there are so many of them. 

Sometimes when I hear people´s stories, i don´t understand how is this possible?  To overcome so much saddness, so much sorrow, so much fear or discomfort.  But there are people who show us that it´s possible.  So we must believe in beauty in our future and we always must find inspiration to be grateful for every single moment we live. 

How to do it step by step?  I like to spend time in nature, and I realized that it calms my mind and brings me happiness always.  This summer I want to find many hidden paths to hike in the mountains and forests and just do it even alone. 

Be comfortable with yourself, make meals for yourself, improve your cooking skills though noone sees it.  The time will come and you will be very happy you learned to make many things.

Make your home pretty and without unimportant things.  I really downsize my things and its very difficult but also so freeing experience.  I just don´t want any junk in my house anymore,  I need space and not things that disturb me in a bad way.  They take my precious time and bring me memories over and over and than we are not able to live in present.  I just take a bag and put it in there and imediately put it out of the house.  I never missed anything  from those things and  since I  started to downsize my possesions in the house many things so rapidly improved.  We have to learn not to be tied to things but our internal world, our life, our happiness, our joy, that is what´s important.  That is what will bring happiness to our loved ones too.

I found projects that are interesting for me.  Actually i started them. I didn´t know how, I just new that this i like and I´m learning on the way.  I explore new things in these areas and listen to many interesting people about it and than I try to apply it too.  I love projects that bring me satisfaction and that make sence to me.  Not only financialy but I like to devote time to them.

My work is fine. I like it there.   But a month ago they offered me  really good position in a new company in leadership.  I was thinking about it so much.  Maybe it is it  what I was thinking. My purpose, my growth.  But then I was thinking about it more and I wanted to understand my real feelings about it. And I realized that my little ego haha would probably liked this job, but when I think about it It would take away my time with all my little projects and ideas and also my creativity that brings me so much joy.  And I decided not to accept it. I know that this decision is right, because we always must trust our intuition.  We must trust that our projects will bring us satisfation, joy and we can controll it better, we can make it as we really like it and put into it our hearts fully.  And this is something what brings me peace and I must respect it.

Work on your knowledge.. Why? Really why?  I have everything and maybe it could seem that I don´t need to improve in knowledge. I already know how to do my job well, I know few languages,  play some instruments, can cope well in life.  But yes,  we must improve and be eager to know much more things.  More you know, more you want to know.  Really, and there is so much to learn and be inspired by so many people great in their proffetions or hobbies.  And I love to learn many things.  I like to read about historical facts about our country and find lost places where imortant moments happened in our history and to be able to think about it why and where and how is it then and now. 

I want to support my children in all what they do. And to think big.  I mean to be humble always but to do steps that can be big.  To teach them not to be discouraged by unsuccessful times or projects and get up and try it differently or do something else.  And we must do the same.  But failure is very hard to cope with and we must understand that even others can define us according this, we can not!  Because it´s just uneasy experience we can build on to do things better.

Feed your mind, feed your soul and feed your body.  These three things must be taken care of differently to grow. Mind our education, our wisdom, our motivation for knowledge.  Our soul is our inner world, we must learn to feel things in a loving way and to be able give thanks for every second in our lives and be happy for our life.  I believe in God and I really care about having a deep realationship with him.  Many people have different religion and i respect that, but it always have to feed our soul with more and more love and with kind and loving heart. No anger or envy should get into your sould, no comparision with others or judgement. Just to see things with pure love.

And how to feed our body? We all know how, but I personally never payed much attention to it.  But we must.  We must make for our body good meals, not just processed meals but real meals that nourish you,  drink enough water and do some physical activity.  This summer I want to go swimming every early morning from 6 -7 am.  And it´s sometimes sacrifice, but it brings me very good start into my day.  I don´t swim really long distances, I go slowly, but i believe in improvement physical and mental too.

We can make list of so many things we could do to devote our alone time to.  And also everything that involves creativity is so perfect too.  I really love that after so much discomfort I slowly can see the positive and that also brings positive inspiration to others.  I hope you can see it too.  I want the best for you too. I think sometimes we must be patient on things that we want to have right now and we must use this current time for our better selves.Good luck with everything !!


We all need love, we all need care and restore our being in order to do well.  I do all I can for my loved ones and sometimes caring for others and putting them in the first place  can  be overwhelming  and we loose energy.  We feel like 24 hours a day is not enough time to do all the tasks we want. So we go sleep late and work during nights and try our best.  This is so beautiful to be here for others. But what if we are so tired? Unable to keep this fast lifestyle anymore? We want to serve others, work and cook and clean and go and so much more. But we forget something. That our body is tired. And in order to be here for others we need rest and relax too. Otherwise we manage less and less work and our productivity goes down, we can even be nervous and cannot be our best selves.

We need rest too.  We need love too.  We need nice words as well and confort.  If there is noone to do it for us, the responsibility that we have towards ourselves and others is to give this care to us ourselves. To our mind, our body, our soul, to our whole being. 

1. Enough of sleep - Make time for your sleep. Don´t work late at night, but instead of that focus more on your tasks during the day and have an evening routine for yourself. So you can calm yourself and go to bed earlier. Good sleep is essential for our body to function well the next day. If we value ourselves, we must also value our body and understand that  our body needs this good rest. In order to be able to for other the next day, we must learn to sleep well every day.

2. Calm mornings - In the morning you should learn to get up early regulary. I mean every day in the same time.  No alarm clock, no weekend sleeping in the morning, but to teach our body the same pattern of sleeping every single day.  When you get up early in the morning after you already had enough of sleep, you can enjoy a long beautiful day, you manage more during the day and you also will have time for a good and calm morning routine.  Slowly start teaching yourself these habits.  They for sure pay you later.  I get up every day at 5: 30 AM. At first it was very difficult for me, but I learned to do this after I made this my priority. If we want a change, we can do it. Soon I realised how many benefits it has for me and I really like the calm mornig when the sun rises and the air is fresh. And guess what? No more stress in the morning.  Because we can manage everything with a possitive mood, we have plenty of time.  We can also exercise, read  a bit or go out with our dog, have delicious breakfast, drink slowly our coffee on the porch or give this spare time for ourselves whatever we want to improve or get done. How empowering this every day morning can be.  We can wake  our children with breakfast ready for them with a smile on our face.  Can you imagine how big difference this calm and possitive start of the day can make for the whole day? How it can change our life and also the way we feel?

3. At least half an hour a day for ourselves - There has been time when I was so busy that I didn´t even have time to eat.  I ate only snacks or fast food on the way to work or  while working.  But this is so destructing for us.  It actually means we don´t value ourselves, we think we will see our value by working and serving good for others, but not in a healthy way, but excessively which is not good for us.  Because it exhausts us and than we feel less and less energy, and we actually manage less things than we used to . So please learn to give yourself a certain amount a day just to yourself to enjoy it, to find yourself and do what you like. It can be so simple like a short walk every day or reading a book or meditating or just realaxing on our yard or garden. But it must be something what refreshes us, what gives us energy back, what we like. I´ve been very down, because  some criumstances that has happened in my life and I felt i had to solve it good.  And I put so much energy into it that I end up completely exhausted and down.  I didn´t even know what I liked in my free time, because I never realy had any time for myself.  When I had some time I imediatelly found some other work that my family wanted me to do or other people.  So I never did things just for myself.  It was something so new to me and at first it seem to me like waste of my precious time.  But slowly I started.  Ten minutes walking in the forst, or fifteen minutes in my garden, half an hour reading inspirational books, finding new ideas for what could work for me.  When you imagine yourself like a person that you really love and would like to help or make happy,  If you would be that great friend, what ideas would you give to yourself?

4. Being in nature regulary - Nature heals.  We all heard about it, but have we experienced it? Have we give it a chance? I recently bought a garden and I just thought it could be nice for my children to have it one day, but suddenlly I started to work there a bit.  I suddenlly felt how refreshing it is to feel sunshine on your face, to hear birds every day, how work can relax you after so much mental work at your work.  How beautiful it is to really grow something and how much i like it even though it´s quite a hard work.  I don´t say that this is something I want for the rest of my life, I don ´t know yet.  My life is right now very open to all the changes that can happen and that are already happening.  But today I enjoy the time there and I know that nature is so beautiful and healing.  It gives us nice thoughts, and our mindsets starts shifting a bit and we start smiling more and than we find out we´re starting to heal all our wounds.  We can even find new inspiring ideas for our life is such places and we come home and we are calm and happy.  Can you try it too?

5.Physical exercise of anykind daily - This is something I really strugle with.  I never liked going to the gym.  But i realised it has so many benefits for ourselves to exercise, because we feel better, we look better, our confidence increases as well and it all together brings us so much possitive into our lives.  I  try to walk more every single day, I slowly put some more exercise.  And physical exercise can be anykind.  It can be swimming, dancing, or cykling... It can be even a work outside. It can be yoga or some new sport.  Have you ever thought about starting a new sport even though you never done it before?  Maybe it´s time. 

6. Prayer or meditation daily - Our body needs to be feeded and  taken care of, our mind needs it too.  And our soul?  We must take care of it, because our soul is so precious.  When we learn to meditate, to feel the present moment, we acknowledge our real feelings, we can let go,  we value our morals and our whole being.  It´s beautiful to  pray.  It´s beautiful to meditate. We also can be inspireed by the amazing lives of certaing people in our history.  To learn from them.  To think about their thoughts.  I personaly like both a meditation and a prayer.  I love to pray and I like to pray for all the people to find the way out of thir sadness. Out of depression, out of their problems.  When we cannot help, we always can pray.  Isn´t it beautiful, if people would pray for the benefit of others instead of  gossiping about them?  When we pray we understand the value of all people how different they are made and how each journey is different and also special.  I learned that big falls  or big difficulties that someone experiences can be such big lesson and then this person is such a gift for us.  Because after overcoming the pain of this situation or better to say growing from their painful experiences, this person becomes our inspiration, our example.  This person can show more genuine heart, softer and kinder  care for others and he can give us advice that comes from his personal experience and genuine care.  Through prayers I think we can accelerate our healing and healing others as well.

7. Give thanks for your life every day - Be thankful for everything you have.  For your life, for your being, for all the little things that some may not even notice how amazing and important they are.  Take some time for yourself and really experience that gratitude for your life.  It makes such difference when we are aware of all the gifts we have and when we are really gratefull for it. Than we can feel so special and grateful for this day, for this moment, for all the possibilities that we have in our life and we open ourselves for all the good things now and in our future.  You can always see life from two different sides. From that side of gratitude, from deep thankful feelings for everything or we can see it  from the other side.  That is the side of our complain, from feeling sorry for everyting that has happened to us and how unfair the life is. How everybody has easier and happier life. But we cannot think like that. And if we do, we have to change this. This will not bring us anything good.  We all have the choice to pick the view from which we will see and experience our life. I lost so many people in my family and had to experience death of my loved once so many times, I lost possessions that has been stolen after their death by unfairness of others, I experienced really toxic realationship in which i lived for twenty years till I decided to live alone.  I didn´t know why these things happened just to me.  But now I see it from the other side.  I am here, I am healthy, and I feel calm. I might have lost people around me, but I have not lost my strenth, my possitive view of the world.  And I must say that I really feel gratefull for everything I have in my life now.  I am gratefull that I could have such great people in my life, and even though they are not with me here now, I can feel their love and  I can continue in their good work and serve others as they did.  Because of this great example.  I am not sad about anything anymore, and I feel thankfull and calm, and feel joy and happiness in all those simple moments that our life consists of.  I believe that we have to learn from people with great morals, that are inspiration for us and then we have to pass it to others.  To our friends, to our family, to strangers. And instead of judging people to inspire them. By our lives, by how we dealt the problems, by how we live,  by our possitive and honest view of life besides our down falls. Isn´t it beautiful that we have this chance to have a possitive impact on other people´ s lifes every single day? By working on ourselves?

8. Eat meals that nourish you.

9. Drink enough water

10. Try different things, find what you love and find time for it.



Let go of your past

Imagine how relieving is to let go of our past.  The situation that had already happened and we cannot change now. Let go of it and feel free of that. Find yourself courage and strenght to do so.

Free yourself from criticizing yourself for your past mistakes, for your failures. Accept your past with humbe heart and work on your future life. This life will be amazing and will feel peaceful and happy.

Let´s start  now.

This present moment is the moment that matters.

We can affect only present. So free yourself from self doubt and forgive yourself and others and let it go.  Start now and start working on your well being, on our personal and honest attributes, on our growth.



How to reduce stress and be calm and in peace?

How to feel in peace? How to find that peaceful state of mind besides all the criumstances?

How to change current criumstances? 

How to get better overcoming stressful situations? How to start a successful journey and let go of anxiety? 

This is possible! In all situations! Though it involves a hard work, acceptance of ourselves, our current life, courage and mindfulness. And to start working on it to improve it  step by step.  It starts with valuing ourselves.

Let's start this journey...It's worthed.

Well, maybe let´s say our life can be kind of mess now.  Too many problems that overwhelm us, so little support from others, maybe we feel we work hundred percent and it´s not enough.  Than what?

I also feel this sometimes.  But there is an importance to start differently.  From a different point of view.  To put ourselvees in the centre. To find calm in chaos, in difficulties. To be aware that we also need someone to be there for us.  We do so much work for others and sometimes it may even feel it´s not appreciated as we would wish and it´s been taken for granted. And what about our well being? Everybody forgot about us?

Well, this is our responsibility to shower ourselves with support, with love, with kind words, with self care.  We cannot run out of fuel! Than there would become even bigger problem.

I personally also sometimes feel so much alone,  not having family, have to take care about my children´s need and their well being in this difficult time.  To be that collum, that strong rock for them.  But what if we have uncertainty about ourselves if we are able to manage it all?

I realized that we have to be able to put ourselves into a calm state of mind.  We can do this by changing our negative self talk into possitive. We must focus on good things and trust ourselves. Sometimes even if the things don't go in the way we wish we must find trust in process and find peace in it.  We must genuinely believe that our things that we are concern about will turn out well.  We must believe in this so much.  But at the same time we must be aware that the situation can ve solvedvesolved by different means that we can visualize.  Maybe we find someone, or find different way to do it or maybe this problems we have now or the delay in our fulfilled dreams can be big blessings for us. Maybe it trachea Is something essential what  we have to know. What we have to master. The perfect time will come,  and we will be ale to lounch it in possitive and opened mind,  without fear, with a courage and love.  Because love can beat all the fear.  And It's the truth always.  If we do something with love and we are giving all our loving energy into it,  it certainly can move the mountain. So we must have patience. 

To be able to continue in our exciting journey, in our beautifull colourfull future, we must calm ourselves and work on our well being.  We must nurture our body with rest and nourishing food, our mind with supportive and possitive thoughts, our emotions with love and forgivness, with distancing ourselves from toxic people and also working on our spiritual journey.   I personaly believe in God  and Jesus his son, that showed us love and still can help us to be filled with love more and more.  But we are people different  cultures and different religions and I deeply respect everybody´s spiritual way of letting love and kindness into our lives.

Now I just want to mention the Basic steps to lower the stress level. They are just simple things that we all know, but we should start to imply it into our lives.  They are so so simple, but also essential to start with.

Sleep enough - we should always be aware that our body needs rest. It´s like our mobile that  when it´s low of battery we must reacharge it. Or all the animals, do you see that they know how to rest.  They don´t skip sleep to do more. We cannot enjoy beauty of another day if we are so tired. It doesn´t help us to do our things instead of our good sleep. We should go to bed in about the same time and get up at about same time.  And really have that time for us to sleep well..

Drink enough water - I know this everybody knows, but we maybe need to hear it over and over to realize that water in so needed in our body.  To prevent headaches, to be more productive,  to function well. 

Nourishing meals - Meals not just to fill us, but those that gives us minerals and good feelings and lovely time.  Our body is here for us doing an amazing work, so please we should value it and prepare for ourselves meal that is good for us. Even if it talkes more time, but when we love ourselves we also should give nourishing meals to ourselves. Just as much as we care about others.  Preparing meals is not a waste of time at all.

Being grateful and happy NOW - now is the time in which we live. We think much about past, trying to figure out what we did wrong,  what actually happened, if we could do something different.  Well, we must accept our past even if we did mistakes, even if we didn´t do enough of what we should.  It´s not important only important time is now. And we should be gratefull for our life, for our breathing, for our body, for our chances, for the sunlight, for the new day.  And find happiness in these moments.  Be content, work slowly one thing at a time about our things but not to stress about future that hasn´t come yet. My brother died sudden at young age, with no illness, great health,  great body, with optimistic mind,  at home with his family and sudden with no warning. And that made me question the situation how come? Can we even plan anything? This really happens? Like this? And it gave me the big lesson that future is a gift, that we are getting every day. We must accept it with humble heart and being gratefull for every moment and find beauty in it. Because present it´s what matters.

Exercise - work on your body to be in shape because it brings you happiness and energy. I like long walks in countryside, spending time in my garden, and even that can be part of our daily routine.  There are many videos on youtube that we can use to exercise, but we should give at least thirty minutes a day to work with our musels and put our body into shape to improve our well being.

Possitive selftalk - talk to yourself like you do with your friend, or your loved one, or your child. Give yourself care and encouragement, praise yourself and love your body,  your look, your work, you. If noone does it you can talk to you and tell yourself how great work you do, how beautiful person you are, and how many things you are capable.  Give yourself courage to be able to accomplish anything.  Tell yourself that you trust you that you can manage it.  And never talk negative about anything. Unblock yourself from all the negative selftalk and cheerish yourself with attention and love. Because more love  you are able to give yourself, the more loving person you become and more love that you will be able to give to others as well.


Three Kings and their message for these days

I love this story, because it shows great courage and faith for future. We look for inspiration for our lives, we want to see a great example of courage which gives us hope that we also can achieve or overcome many things.  When we think about it, the three kings are  great examples for us even now, so many years after this happened.

In that time there were people who noticed some changes or something extraordinary happening. Because they were looking at the world with their eyes opened, thinking about things a lot and their heart was pure. They could feel something magical and big happening. But, at that time there were no roads, no maps, no travellers to get information from, no comfortable hotels or cars, no great doctors, no insurance. They were so brave that they started this journey. Would you have the courage to do this at that time? They had no idea were exactly they were going. They saw the star,yes, but only at the begining, and than finally at the end of the journey. 

They came to see a king, but at the palace in Palestina where the king Herodes was living, there was none. They must have been dissapointed. But they did not give up. They finally found the baby in Betlehem, but this baby was so poor. This didn't meet their expectation. They were bringing valuable gifts as gold and others and this child didn't look as king. They still gave him all the gifts, even they imagined it different. Wow, isn't it amazing? 

Many times we have the imagination in our head about our future plans. And yes, we want it to happen. We do many things for it. And then it feels or looks different, and we get so confused and discouraged that it isn't the way it should be. And we almost give up sometimes. But even if it doesn't look like what we thought it'd be, maybe it brings us there. Or maybe it's great the way it is and in future we might realise it better. 

Sometimes we are afraid to make effort. To go forward with faith in future, to calm down when things aren't the way it should be. But it's a journey, and we must believe that we can overcome all the obstacles with gratitude, with generosity, with kindness to others but also to ourselves and with faith and brave heart. I'm sure we manage it, too.

What is it LOVE?

What is it love?

Can you explain this feeling? Can you feel it? Can it last? Will it come to me?

Love is a feeling. That means that you really feel this. In your body, in yourself. Its not something you only talk about. And not all the people feel the same. I think that the more our heart is pure, the more we are able to feel it. But our partner also has to have this beautiful pure heart, only than we are able to feel this miracle. Many people that seem strict and closed, many of them have such heart. They seem cold, but its because their heart might have been hurt or they don't believe that there is a partner that matches their heart. They don't like anything fake, so they rather devote their time to work.

When you have sufferings, it hurts you deeply, but at the same time it opens your heart. When you accept all the loses with humble heart, when you notice other people' s problems. If you are willing to help the stranger, you definitely have this marvelous, loving heart.

The saddest thing is when a person wants to tie his partner just for himself. Love is giving. It does not only expect best things for ourselves.  Some people start to feel in love and want to keep it for themselves demanding that person only for themselves more and more, which is such selfishness. Love is a miracle, fragile gift from above...

Work on yourself, on your ability to feel emotions...Sadness and joy, simple loving moments even in times of difficult times. Make your heart pure by letting go of everything that blocks your life. Work on making changes, be nice to yourself, always. Do not be afraid of broken heart, because if you are, you will not feel this miracle. Because you must give chance to it. Be thankfull for all the new amazing people in our life. And what if they are not there? What if we alone? You must find joy even in this situation. 

I deeply believe that all the hard work is worth give thanks always..even if you are not there yet..but do not lose your right path. Walk it with love...Be loving warrior...



Simple life - gateway to our happiness ?

Have you thought about having less as being a good thing?

Why people speak about minimalism as something that atracts them so much?

How to overcome situation when we don't have even necessary things needed for living?

You should be happy with little and simple living, but work for yourself a lot.

Believe me, I know, I understand.... I told you I had everything in my life, but after my family died all the possesion started to disepear and got stolen. Buildings, cars, projects, materials and people I always loved were not here to help it. I was devastated. 

But all the tragedies can also be big lessons for us, for our humanity, for making us aware of how in pain many people can bedo and teaches us to find a new way out and shows us new possibilites for us. We are sometimes so sure about everything that we have in our life that we stop seeing it as a gift. We think these things would never happen to us, some people have certain problems because maybe they are not so good in solving things as we are. But this is wrong. Its just pride. And life teaches us to feel and see everything from different angle. It shocks us, but we can also learn from it.

Many people say that great ideas come to our minds when we are not disturbed by so much stuff or noise or oppinions of our family or friends what we should do. Sometimes we just keep fulfilling demands of others and we are happy that they see us as a good person. They praise us and we feel so well than that they value us. But, when we are not afected so much by all of the opinions or demands people have on us, we slowly start to think so different. We see things so much more clearly. We can calm our minds, our hearts, we understand all the beauty around us and most of all, we can concentrate on things that we really are focused on. We also can finally unerstand ourselves, and we can also find our own passions. Our love can get to a different level. Because we are love and we should be able to feel love in all what we do, and feel it to the people around us. Than we can be inspiring, when we besides our bad days or our loses love our life so much. We must be gratefull for every little step and be ready to put together all the little pieces into one big and beautiful picture of our life. And we must believe in it. That all the bad things happening us are also a part of this plan. Of this beautiful picture. Because in beautiful paintings the painter has to use black colour as well. Not only bright colours. Only than when the painter uses these colours, only than the final art is magnificent. So believe in yourself! And have faith!

How do we heal? Can we find happiness?

Why healing? Why everybody speak about it?  We are just fine,  or not? 

Well,  maybe we don't  feel very good.  But how can we heal?

What if we feel lonely and have many fears and problems. Can everything be healed? 

Can we really find happiness by trying to start our healing process? 

I'm very sorry, I didn't write anything for  few weeks. The truth Is I didn't want to even think about my problems, about my sadness, about my sorrows, about my insecurities, and also  about my guilt in whatever i did wrong in certain situation. What I wanted was JUST forget about everything especially about my past that I didn't want to deal with and just pretend everything is ok. I can put all my hurting info my uncousness and just didn't pay attention to it. But the feelings come back every once in a while and destroying the beauty od my everyday life.

I think that the only way how se can heal Is through love. Only love can heal everything. 

Love is the power of our healing, love can so much speed our healing process, love is the answer. 

First, we should learn to love ourselves, which also means to forgive ourselves that sometimes we do something that we are not proud of. To heal means to be kind and patient with ouselves. Live gives us challenges and wei have to learn to manage them on the way. Sometimes we don't know if we decide right or wrong, if the decision we are making is the one for better future. And for our growth as a person. 

In our depths we find out about ourselves and others so much information... Our down points, our stressful situation and real strugles sometimes help us to be stronger more than we imagine. It can also be a gateway to our better lifes, our better future success or happiness. When being desperate in some situation, we find in ourselves atributes  that can lead to our greatness. Because than we learn in that weakness point so much information that can be transformed to someting amazingly beautiful. 

We must start to value ourselves and at least a bit start to change our view of ourselves. Find that little time for ourselves, in which we can do something relaxing or something good for us. Maybe its just a 10 minutes walk or relaxing bath, but we must start. And slowly we will start to feel better. 

Sometimes its a pain or axiety, that makes us really do the action and change our lifes, go different direction. When we don't want to solve the real root of the problem, it often comes back leting us know what we have to do. And sometimes it big presssure and pain or depeare, but we can manage evwrything, even though it may seem impossible now. 

When we start value ourselves and pay attention to our needs, we can fill those needs for love and calm. Than we find peace and happiness, real joy that comes from inside of us. And we can find our passions or we can spread our love and also encouragement to others. We all need it so much. The world can be so beautifull place to live when we stop judge people, gossip or talk negative, criticise, but instead of that lets find that beautifull place of calm and happiness inside of us and spread it everywhere. 

You can't imagine how big challengess life gave me, but i'm stillso gratefull for so many simple things in life and i believe it all will change for better. Our faith, our hope and our love are atributes that helps us with our healing so much.

Love is above all, those that seem not to need it, needs it the most.


What if we start to believe that we are not able to feel love?

What if we think that something is wrong with us and we just can't feel all that love feeling that others speak about?

What if we went through some trauma and need to heal and open our heart again?

Or maybe we are just perfectly normal, but didn't meet the right person yet...

I love this song for great voice of this singer, there is something magical on it, so i want to share it here..I love the singer and I love this song, and I put it here only for inspiration, how person can feel sometimes...

Faouzia - great song, beautiful voice, song about emotions..Love

Can we feel love? That magical feeling that completely and fully makes us weak and strong at the same time?

That feeling that lets us lose our words,  that makes our body tremble. That strong feeling that completely  changes our views on everything. The feeling that gives us such strong bond with a stranger.  

Can we feel it or it's just for few people to experience it? How come we don't feel it? I strongly believe that our body gives us signs. Signs that are sometimes not reasonable for our mind at all.  But our body knows what's good for us and we should listen to it.  

I had a marriage with a person who started to act very jealous,  obsessive and bad. Was controlling me and hurting me verbally deeply.  I thought I can do it and was forgiving him and helping him. I was thinking he is sick and needs my help. After a long time something happened. I started to shake inside every time I was around him. I realised that even if my mind is willing to continue and help him,  my body refused.  How come?  I didn't  understand it. But my body was giving me a strong sign. And after that I let go. Let go of my trying, and started to work for myself and my children.   

After this broken dream of beautiful family, by  being hurt by his behaviour and still was feeling some guilt I started to doubt myself whether I am able to love. Maybe from the reason of being hurt again,  maybe from the reason that it was hard for my to open my heart again. I mean open. We sometimes open it only half way and then we wonder how come we don't  feel strong  emotions.. But we have to heal our past, accept our falls and open our heart fully. I know its a brave act,  because it can happen again,  but we cannot love only half way. We have to put everything into it again without thinking about our past. 

In my life I  still have to  work on accepting the situation,  that my loved family has passed away,  at the same time getting divorce from serious reasons and I've lost possessions. So I'm trying to find out how my life will be now.  Where will I live?  Alone? Happy or not?  Will I manage it?  I try to keep on going and not concern about sorrows and fears that much.  My life really teaches me not to be attached to things and people. Maybe this is the growth.  

Last week something happened  to me.  There was a man who I worked with and he came to me and asked me if I'd stay with him.  That it's  his biggest wish.  He said he's  just buying a house in the capital in worth over 1milion dollars and it could be mine.  He said he gives me everything what I want.  But do you know what happened?  I mean what happened  with  my heart?  Nothing.  Seriously  nothing.  Wasn't I  supposed  to feel love and emotions?  How come it's not working?  No shaking no strong feeling... Omg. My heart  doesn't work.  Well but what if it does?  I mean we sometimes have so many arguments  about the other person that he's the right one,  that we stop listen to our heart.  Our body will tell us the best.  And I decided to strongly believe in my heart. I will not be afraid if my life gets sometimes in harder situations.  I believe we always get certain strength in it to overcome it. And I believe that the right person will come into our lifes and we will feel it and recognize  it that it's just great.  Now it's time for us to work on ourselves,  be content, kind and loving.... and most of all patient. 


Relationship's hardest question..painfull decissions

The hardest decision in relationships : Forgive and stay or forgive and let go?

What if we love someone who is not good for us? 

What if our mind tells us we have to let go of him and our heart refuses to do so? 

How can we love such  person? Why it's so hard to let go? 

We have this beautiful image of our family and our partner inside of us and we hope for it. We would do anything for it.  We try, we work,  we love,  we forgive his bad behaviour out of love. And we forgive over and over because  we are beautiful people,  we think that our partner has the same values and visions and love like us. But what if all of this is just our love that keeps the relationship alive.. What if his love is selfish,  full of hurting us,  full of complains,  full of humiliation or even abuse. What if he teaches us and our children that love coexists together with pain? And what if we still deeply love the person who hurts our feelings.  How can that be?  

Sometimes it happens that we are so kind and loving and successfull that the partner starts to be jealous of our great attributes and he puts us down  continuously to be himself in control. Me personally  took it a long time to finally see it. I always thought that I made something wrong, and tried to improve. And what happened  I worked and tried and worked and it never was enough good.  I managed to accomplish  many things and more I did good,  the worse our relationship  got.  And than I finally  understood that I must leave him. 

I must leave my husband that I loved,  because he will not value me.  Because he wants love that is selfish,  that is only about fulfilling his needs.  I started to see things in true colors. And I didn't  like it.  He said  all the time how much he loves me and was hurting me badly just in a little while afterwards. And over and over. 

In such situation  like this,  when there is obvious  no chance  to improve, we should go. We should leave and even if our heart is broken and we don't know if  we able  to handle it,  we should take an action.  We should let go.. How painful to give up our dreams of beautiful  family. How much sorrow it brings to everyone. How much strength will be needed to overcome  it.  But we must move on and have faith that it's all for our good.  We want this relationship  work so badly that we stop seeing how bad impact it has on us. 

Maybe God has a different  path for us prepared and we must get ready.  Once one priest said: may God give you life in which you can love. And that hit me.  Because  I tried to love and forgive all the time a person that loved me in so selfish way and was hurting me all the time. And it was so hard.  I believe that in such cases we must get strong and let go.  Wish him good and let go. And the love that is stored in us and that is immense, we should give to those who deserve it.  Or give them more to our children,  or people around,  family and friends or some people that need it.. and one day the real love will come to our life and it will not hurt but heal.. Than everything will make sense. 

Do not be afraid of your loses.  One day you may realise they were not such loses,  but blessings that opened you a door to something  greater and more beautiful.  Have faith. 

Never give up! What a strength!

Song from Anna Slovackova called Even if we bald..

Inspiring people rocks!

This cute amazing girl fights cancer and shows other people how to be great example... Much respect and admiration.  Before this happened  her parents as both famous people were going through  difficult and bad divorce throwing stuff at each other through media. And suddenly their pretty daughter showed us everybody that being so  classy, opened,  kind and strong that all of us can feel ashamed by our small problems that we see so big.  We always should remember  what is important in life.. Not a revenge but peace and love... 

Her words in the song are:

Even though  we bald

you and me,  me and you

we take it easy

even though  we have worries,  

that are sometimes  so big

our head is light.

Even though  sometimes  people get scared when  they  see us, 

you don't have to  feel  sorry for  us. 

We are also humans. 

and we take every day as it would be our last one. 


Even if we bald,  you and me,  me and you,

we are happy  from all the simple things, 

and in winter our caps not spoil our hairstyle, 

and if we look funny for you, 

it's always better to laugh than to be bored in silence. 

Even though the destiny gave us a hard challenge, 

we got up and keep on going. 


Even if  we bald,  me and you,  you and me, 

we also have advantages, 

hats looks well on us, 

we feel better in hot weather, 

and save money on hairdressers. 

And even though we are not according  to the best beauty standards,  

we don't  have to worry anymore that we lose our hair

And because: There could worse things happened,

for example to give up without a fight! 


How can I find peace in the middle of chaos?

What should I do if i am so calm and generous person and I only get pain in my life?

How I can live in peace when there are so many problems around me that I have to take care of?

What If I have economic difficulties and because of that I cannot live in peace?

First: "Talk to yourself like you would to someone you love."

The fact you are in this situation is very difficult, but it happened and you will find way out so you can live peacefully. You work on it and you must continue to work on this step by step.  The journey can be long, and sometimes full of saddness and fear, but once you get out of this you become wise with your heart wide opened.  You will see the problems of others clearly and you will be able to help them much more. But the most important of all is that you will find joy. You will find gratitude,  you will see the world in bright colours and not only grey or black and white.

Once someone told me:  "Look how I am good.  I would never get involved in anything that would put any dirt or shade on me. I never had to deal with any problems like you do. "

I thought about it and I think that it´s like when we plant a flower, we also get our hands dirty.  But the final product is beautiful.  And in life we sometimes have to deal bad things to be able to solve the whole situation and do it good.  And that means we are brave!  It also means that we are better than those that didn´t dare to help. And we can be proud of ourselves. I am very loyal person and fairness is very important to me.  But sometimes we have to put things in order in our lives and it is very hard.

In my life happened that after my father´s death his colegues and partners robbed out his companny and it got that bad that even the machines and cars were gone.  I was trying to help it, but the greed of others was bigger then what i was able to  do.  Money were disepearing from his account and and his long term projects were put on different names and incomes from it went to someone else.  Than some man came with some documents saying that my father owed him money and scared my mum who was after brain surgery and wasn´t able to think straight that it was just a game, so she signed him paper to keep the building of my dad´s company. The documents about my dad´s loan were fake and he just pushed her when I wasn´t around. 

I thought what is this world about?  How come people can take advantage in death of a person that have done so much good for them? I still don´t have answers.  I believe that we should do what we can about problems in our life.  But I also believe that we get better than what we lose. Noone can be long term happy from getting possesions in an unfair way.  But we who solve our problems in a  honest way with opened heart we win.  Maybe we will not win now.  But we will for sure get another chances and will find another views and we can use all the bad things and transform it into good things.  And we will win in life!!!  Because our good soul cannot be stolen and it only growths.  It growths to be better and wiser and more and more beautiful and strong.

Because: "Growths is often uncomfortable, messy, and full of feelings you weren´t expecting."

And that´s why I say: "Forgive yourself for making mistakes, forgive others for being childlish and not mature,  and be thankfull for who you are.  And be ready for all the beauty that´s opening in front of you.  And believe. "

What if our life path is sometimes too difficult to walk?

What if our burden that we carry is too heavy?

What if our life feels like hanging above chasm?

What if we look around and are shocked by so many dissapointments? By so much sadness we have to carry?

One proverb says: Our strenth grows in the moments when we think we can´t go on, but we keep going anyway.

We would like to have our comfortable easy and happy life that we imagine in our minds.  But instead of it we have to face many difficult challanges that we aren´t ready for.  We don´t want them.  But those hard times teach us so much about ourselves, about people around us, and about life.  Sometimes we feel long  before this happens, that something is not as it should be.  But we do nothing about it.  And suddenly, we face the situation that slowly but definitely change the direction of our path.  We move towards the crossroad and we don´t want to go there, because there we have to decide which directrion to go next.  But we wish to go back, where we used to be.  It was so nice there, but there is no way back. It is a one way road leading us to the crossroad. 

Life teaches us many things.  And does it over and over if we don´t get it. We are here to learn.  To understand that we have to make ourselves priority in life too.  We cannot be dependeble only on others, it´s so nice, but it usually will not last forever. When we learn that, and start to really value ourselves, we find happiness that we can share much more than before.

I faced so many dissapointments in my life including deaths of my loved ones,  dishonesty when wolves stole our hard gained possessions, i faced pathological behaviour of a person i loved and many times I was thinking how come such unfairness exists. But now I slowly start to understand that it all teaches us to be better people, to have more empathetic heart, to be stronger that we had ever been before and to value ourselves the way we are.  We think we are very ordinary and see people around us to be so strong and beautiful and self confident, but it is not like that. We must realise that we all are just  great the way we are.  And our gifts are so big, and we must see them and use them.

Sometimes I feel like the snail carrying his home on his back.  But it is a heavy burden and the road is very difficult. Sometimes we have to crawl though difficult paths.  And sometimes we realise we cannot make it this way if we won´t lower the heavy burden on our shoulders.  And than we have to release things or people from our lives.  We have to let go.  Or let go of our pain that we have stored in ourselves from the past or release the sadness of the people that we lost along the way.  We have to calm ourselves and accept the situation with faith and hope and step in our days calm and content.

It is very difficult, but we are great and amazing people. And we can do it.

"Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness."




My name is Lenka.  I am 40. I am a mom of two beautiful teenage girls.  My life has been very up side down lately, but I always try to find the good on everything.  My life has tought me many things and as I have noone to tell, I decided to share it here. 

Maybe it can inspire you to see your life from a different angle too and helps you to get new motivation to get up again and with a positive attitude to do your things and be happy. Maybe I could engcourage someone to share here as well and together when women suport each other, we can make many amazing things happen. 

Many people nowadays are closed home in a quarantine.  Me too.  I live in a small european country where we have been told by govermnet  to stay home and today it´s been like that the whole month already.  And even though it´s not easy I do not want to be sad or worried, but maybe I can see it also as a chance to think and do things differently. Maybe now it´s the right time to start to do or learn something new, that I have always wanted.

Please try like that too and keep your spirit high, so we can encourage others around us. We all need it. You,  all of you are in my mind.  All the people that try to give the best from themselves, who try to overcome their problems and focus on the positive in their lives.   Because there are always so many things to be grateful and happy for.   Love you.